Valentines plaques

a special plaque made for your loved one
What do you get the girl that seems to have everything, valentines plaques of course! With only a week to go you might be worried about that gift for you loved one that you haven’t seen before and that will live up to her high expectations. That is where a bespoke plaque may come in. We will be offering a range of special plaques with even more special messages on them to woo her all over again.
We have been on the hunt since last February for items to add to our little online shop and when we saw these love messages engraved onto real slate sign we had to order some. We have famous poetry lines to simple yet special notes to the one you love and best of all they look fantastic but won’t break the bank.

Only three days left to order your plaques for Valentines day

No pressure but if you do not get your order in some the special lady in your life may have to get the bouquet and chocolates again this year and have her look at you in absolute disgust as your imagination did not match hers. Why on earth would you want to do that to yourself or her wham we can offer you an easy win.
Romantic and thoughtful is exactly what she will think when she unwraps the plaques you bought and best of all we even do the gift wrapping for you and all you have to do is tell us what you want on the beautiful hand crafted card and pay for it and we will make you look like a modern day Romeo.
Sound too good to be true? No its just common sense let the love experts take away all that mental anguish and hassle and deliver a gift she will think took you ages to come up with. So if you are even thinking on going to the supermarket to get those over priced special valentines flowers stop don’t put yourself through to when one click and you could get a range of beautiful slate plaques with a special engraved message for less money.

Flowers or plaques it’s your choice

The choice is now yours become a valentines day hero or fail again miserably the choice is yours. Our plan will make you the king of romance, your’s will leave you with that what I have done wrong this time feeling. Make this valentines day something to remember rather than forget and if you don’t take our advice then on your heads be it.
The sharper amongst you have already clicked the link and are on the payment page to order your special gift the rest of you face a bleak 14th and the wrath of the woman you love. Show her you really love her with a valentines plaques gift that will melt her heart.