About Me

Hey Love you found me and I hope I don’t disappoint you at all.

I am a hopeless romantic and love everything about love from soppy films to all the cheesy one liners I have had delivered to me over the years. I set up Valentines day text a few years as a concept to make myself a little cash on the side. It went really well and I expanded that into other greeting text services and grew that little business into a decent income.

Recently the emergence of the free messenger services and app’s have really made what I did seem old fashioned and so I shut down the service and moved onto other things.

When I am not reading a romantic novel or watching chick flicks I care for my little family of two boys and a grown up boy (my husband). They keep me busy all the time and any spare time I do get I try to settle down with a good book to unwind and switch off.

The Children keep me busy for the rest of the time if I am not making something for a project I am ferrying one to a club or match. Its a very hectic existence but I would not swap it for anything in the world. I am now an expert in football and rugby having had to stand on the side of a muddy field in the freezing cold more times than I care to remember and although I have tried to persuade them to try more indoor warm sports I love watching them play.

I hoe you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy doing it and if you do want to add any comments please feel free to post any comments in the box below the articles.

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